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What’s in the Tahoe Premium plan?

While the Tahoe Pro plan gives you training, customization, and single-sign, the Premium plan adds a much richer integration experience, custom contract options, and even more training. Tahoe Premium includes everything in the Pro plan, plus…

API Endpoints
: Enable integrations, capture leads, and streamline workflows
  • Register your users on Tahoe, enroll them in courses, retriever user info, and display course offerings on other sites using third-party integrations like Marketo or Magento. Harness the full power of our API Endpoints to integrate Tahoe into your existing business workflows. 
  • Build lead capture pages in other systems, capturing user registration data and registering them as learners on your Tahoe site.
  • Integrate with eCommerce (Shopify, etc.) Register your learners on the site and enroll them in courses based on purchases they’ve made in your external eCommerce system. Pull basic course and enrollment information into your storefront to provide dynamic, up-to-date information to your learners.
  • Programmatically control course enrollments from other external systems, letting you enroll one or many learners based on actions they take elsewhere.
Business Intelligence (BI) Connector: All the data is for you!
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into site and course activity. 
  • Track events for identified and anonymous visitors to get a 360 degree view of your learners. 
  • Want to go next level? Use this info to trigger automated communications, campaigns, and tasks from your marketing automation system, CRM, or other platforms.
For detailed info on these two Premium features, please see our collection of
APIs & Integrations knowledge docs. Also check out our blog post on
Leveraging learner analytics data for more meaningful insights.
More Dedicated Training
Premium plan customers get two live (via web) training session to bring your staff up to speed quickly on Open edX, Studio, your LMS, and Figures. These sessions can be spaced out over time and customized to focus on the areas where your team needs the most help.
Custom Contracts and SLAs

Premium customers enjoy contract flexibility and have the option for custom service level agreements (SLAs)

See our Roadmap for more features that are soon headed you way! And for more on Starter vs. Pro vs. Premium, check out our Pricing page
You can also ask your Customer Success Manager for more info,