Get your learners hands-on with software — instantly

Captivate and Engage Learners

Take advantage of the efficiency and speed of container technology. With containers, launch virtual training labs in seconds instead of the minutes that virtual machines (VMs) need, drastically reducing your lab costs while improving the audience experience.

How Itential used Appsembler to provide hands-on lab environments

No More Installs — Launch Your Software, SDK or API in Seconds

With virtual training labs, all your audiences need is a browser. No clunky installation or time wasted on things unrelated to learning. Just launch the virtual training environment with the click of a button.

Learn by Doing

Empower your learners to truly engage and achieve mastery of the subject by providing them with real, practical hands-on training environments instead of stale, outdated screenshots.

Intersystems accelerates product training with Appsembler Virtual Labs

Offer hands-on software experiences to internal and external audiences for better product adoption, brand awareness, and learning outcomes.

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See how you can utilize Virtual Training Labs

To get the most out of their software training, companies need to provide a hands-on, learn-by-doing approach that allows audiences to grasp the concepts behind technical subjects – and they need to be able to do it at scale. Thats where virtual training labs come in.

This whitepaper dives into what Virtual Labs are, why they matter for technical and software training, and how real companies are using them as solutions today.
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Use Virtual Training Labs for:

  • New hire onboarding
  • Employee product training
  • Skills development
  • Developer code testing
  • Reduce churn and support tickets
  • Generate leads and close sales
  • Post-sales training
  • Partner training

Tahoe Courses

Take your courses to the next level

Integrate virtual training labs into Appsembler Tahoe to make your software courses more interactive and engaging for your audiences.

Not in the know about Tahoe?

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Live Events

Get that extra engagement in live events

Read on to learn more out how Redis Labs used Virtual Labs to launch over 600 software environments live at RedisConf 19! Spoilers: It was using our Live Events feature, which allows quick and hassle-free launching of ad hoc labs, with an interface tailored to instructor-led workshops and trade show booths.

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Software companies worldwide build their developer marketing and training experiences on Appsembler’s platform.


Big data company InterSystems uses virtual training labs to let leads and potential customers try their software before buying it. InterSystems also redesigned its internal training program using Appsembler Tahoe and virtual training labs to provide immersive and individualized virtual training environments to their employees.

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Redis Labs

In-memory database platform Redis Labs used Virtual Labs with Tahoe to create its online training portal Redis University. The courses delivered through this portal help generate leads as the company can get an overview of the most engaged users, and pass this information to the sales team.

Redis Labs also used virtual IT labs to improve the experiences of multiple audiences at its annual conference called RedisConf by eliminating hardware and software setup.

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