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Alvin Richards, Chief Education Officer, uses Appsembler's Tahoe platform.
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Increase Developer Product Awareness Using Education

Developers, engineers, and devops don’t respond to traditional forms of marketing—but they do like to learn about new technologies. Use Appsembler Tahoe and turn education into a developer enablement tool, resulting in increased product awareness and usage amongst developers.

The 5 Benefits of Developer Marketing eBook

Appsembler Virtual Labs

With Appsembler Virtual Labs, the developer’s educational experience becomes hands-on. With virtual labs, developers can launch your software and start building on it instantaneously—no installations necessary. Get your product in the hands of builders as fast as possible.

The Next Step to Developer Documentation

Gain insights into the your developers’ product experience with interactive tools and reporting. Discover which product features your developers are focused on, which courses they’re taking, and what they’re building on your platform.

Use education to improve product awareness with developers. Turn your existing developer documentation into immersive, educational experiences that drives developer growth, developer adoption, product usage, API calls, and built applications.

Badges and Interactivity Tools

The next evolution to developer documentation

Add community discussions, open-ended questions, short quizzes, surveys, and multiple-choice questions directly into your developer documentation. Nudge your developers to continue learning about your product with gamification and in-course progress indicators. Finally, export all of these activities to your marketing or sales department’s tech stack to trigger sales prioritization, marketing workflows, and devrel action items.

Reporting and Analytics

Report registered developers, course completions, and more

Appsembler Tahoe comes with Appsembler Figures, empowering your Developer Marketing Team with the visibility they need to track and improve the developer university. Track key developer marketing KPIs such as developer registrations, course enrollments, MAUs, and course completions. Appsembler Figures also lets you to view average developer progress, average days to course completion, and more.

Fast and Intuitive Setup

Launch your developer university in minutes

Appsembler Tahoe’s Setup Wizard builds your developer university in minutes, with minimal technical and curriculum development experience required. Its step-by-step walkthrough takes you through site configuration, assigning brand colors and logos, and more. After quick process, your developer university is created—ready for course creation and improving developer product awareness.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Appsembler Tahoe into your devrel, marketing and CRM systems

Developer Marketing sits at the intersection of the developer community, product, marketing, and sales—and all the systems that these teams use. Appsembler Tahoe comes with out-of-the-box integrations, but you can also extend and integrate using our APIs and Business Intelligence Connector. For more custom integrations and workflows, Appsembler’s Professional Services team is available.

What updates should you provide to developers? And when should your sales team reach-out to developers? Download this e-book to find out.

Onboarding, Training and Support Services

A personalized plan designed for success

Appsembler’s onboarding, training and support services are here to support your journey. When you purchase Appsembler products, an onboarding package, training and support services are included.

The 5 Benefits of Developer Marketing eBook


The 5 Benefits of Developer Marketing

When Twilio launched their now-famous “Ask Your Developer” campaign in 2015, it was a landmark event that marked the birth of a new category: developer marketing. Fast forward to today and several companies are reaching billion-dollar valuations with the help of vibrant and engaged developer communities.

But how did these companies get there? Download this e-book to learn about the benefits of developer marketing, how to articulate its value to your stakeholders, and the 2 themes driving successful marketing initiatives today.

Learn More

Appsembler Tahoe is a powerful platform with more features than just those listed here. If you want to see what the platform offers, and where we’re headed, check out our product roadmap page.

  • Can I add my existing developer documentation into Appsembler for Developer Marketing?

    Yes, and more. With Appsembler for Developer Marketing, you can add interactivity into your developer documentation, including 1-click and no-install versions of your platform (through Appsembler Virtual Labs). In addition, you can add interactive components like surveys, short quizzes, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and community discussions directly into your marketing content.

  • Can I offer hands-on software experiences in Appsembler for Developer Marketing?

    Absolutely! Since developers want to use your platform, offering hands-on experiences of your platform is the best way to do developer marketing. To help your developer community into using your platform, Appsembler for Developer Marketing integrates directly with our other flagship product, Appsembler Virtual Labs.

  • How much does Appsembler for Developer Marketing cost?

    Check out our pricing page for more information on our subscription tiers and the features available at each. If you’re unsure which tier is best for you, contact Appsembler.

  • Can we host Appsembler for Developer Marketing ourselves?

    No. Appsembler for Developer Marketing is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. We take care of the server management, scaling, updates, and upgrades—so your team can focus on helping your developers build powerful apps on your platform.

  • I know Appsembler for Developer Marketing is built on Open edX. How does it differ?

    Appsembler for Developer Marketing is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, while Open edX platform is an open source learning platform. We’ve built Appsembler for Developer Marketing using the Open edX tools for course authoring and delivery, and we’re active members of the open source community! Appsembler also also provides support and training for developer marketers using the platform, so that they know how to create developer courses, as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to your Developer Marketing Team.