Deliver self-paced, online courses at scale

Kim Koehler, Manager, Learning Technology, uses Appsembler's Tahoe platform.
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Scale Your Training

The most efficient way to scale your training is through online delivery. Appsembler’s online training software is a purpose-built, self-paced training solution that includes all of the tools you need to deliver scalable, online training to learners, customers, partners, and employees.

Captivate and Engage

Move beyond slides and multiple-choice questions. Appsembler’s online training software gives you the power to build rich and interactive self-paced training experiences with our course creator. And with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), you can easily integrate Appsembler into your organization’s technology stack.

Optional Hands-On Experiences

For courses that require hands-on software training, Appsembler’s online training software integrates seamlessly with Appsembler Virtual Labs. Combine the two products to give your audiences a hands-on software experience and improve their learning retention.

Use Appsembler’s online training software to deliver scalable and cost-effective self-paced training at global scale. Our enterprise-grade, self-paced training platform includes all of the tools you need, including: a course builder, customizable branding, badges, certifications, reporting, mobile compatibility, integrations, and more.

Make your training site – yours

Use your branding

With Appsembler for Online Training, branding your online university is easy. Whether you’re starting simple and just want to use your brand colors, fonts, and logo—or rolling out a full online university with a custom domain, a content management system (CMS), and integrations with your organization’s tech stack, Appsembler for Online Training can grow with your needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Report on course registrations, course completions, MAUs, and more

Appsembler for Online Training includes Appsembler Figures, empowering you to measure the success and progress of your users. Track KPIs such as the number of user registrations, monthly active users (MAUs), section and course completions, and more. You can also track user progress, average days to course completion, and—if you’re using Appsembler Virtual Labs—the number of hands-on software environments launched.

Fast and Intuitive Setup

Launch your self-paced university in minutes

Appsembler’s online training software has an intuitive Setup Wizard that allows you to build your university in minutes, not weeks. Its step-by-step walkthrough takes you through site configuration, assigning university colors and logos, and more. After the setup process, use Appsembler’s course creator to build and launch your courses.

Integrate Appsembler into your organization’s technology stack

Your online university sits at the intersection of multiple departments and the technologies they use. Appsembler comes with out-of-the-box integrations, but you can also integrate our platform using our APIs and Business Intelligence Connector to ensure a smooth experience for your learners. If you don’t have access to a technical resource, Appsembler’s Professional Services team is available.

Onboarding, Training and Professional Services

A personalized plan designed to help you succeed.

Appsembler’s onboarding, training and professional services are here to support your journey. When you purchase Appsembler for Online Training, an Onboarding Package and a dedicated CSM is included. Appsembler Professional Services are also available for one-off, custom projects.

A powerful platform at the core

Built around the Open edX® platform

Appsembler Tahoe’s core, and the primary course authoring and learning experience, is built on the Open edX® platform. We are proud members of the Open edX® community.

Learn more

Appsembler for Online Training is a powerful platform with more features than just those listed here. If you want to see what the platform offers, and where we’re headed, check out our product roadmap page.

Can I offer hands-on, software training environments?

We don’t like any other kind! Your learners can launch a software training environment (called a virtual training lab) directly in their web browser. If your course has Appsembler Virtual Labs enabled, learners can launch the virtual training lab while reading your course content—making for truly hands-on, immersive learning experiences. 

How much does a Appsembler for Online Training cost?

Check out our pricing page for more information on our subscription tiers and the features available at each. If you’re not sure which tier you belong to, contact Appsembler.

Can we host Appsembler for Online Training ourselves?

No. Appsembler for Online Training is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. We take care of the server management, scaling, updates, and upgrades—so your team can focus on building courses and servicing your learners.

I know Appsembler for Online Training is built on Open edX. How does it differ?

Appsembler is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, while Open edX is an open source learning platform. We’ve built Appsembler for Online Training using the Open edX tools for course authoring and delivery, and we’re active members of the open source community! Appsembler also provides support and training to companies using our products so they know how to create self-paced courses, as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to your team.

Can I import SCORM content into Appsembler for Online Training?

Currently SCORM content can be embedded by using a service called SCORM Cloud, but we recommend using Studio to create your content instead! Give it a shot before committing to reusing your old legacy content by trying out one of our free trials, and check out our authoring webinars for tips, tricks and ideas!