Deliver self-paced, online courses at scale

Kim Koehler, Manager, Learning Technology, uses Appsembler's Tahoe platform.
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Scale Your Training

The best way to scale up your training efforts is online. Tahoe LMS scales to meet your training needs. And we handle ops and upgrades, so you and your team can focus on building great courses.

How Cybereason scaled training with Appsembler

Captivate and Engage Learners

Move beyond slides and a multiple-choice question! Tahoe LMS gives you the tools to build rich learning experiences. And with LTI, you can add additional learning tools.

Optional Hands-On Experiences

Appsembler’s online training software integrates seamlessly with Virtual Labs for courses requiring hands-on software training. Combine the two products to give your audiences a hands-on software experience and improve their learning retention.

The Complete Guide to Virtual Labs

Use Appsembler to deliver scalable and cost-effective self-paced training at global scale. Our enterprise-grade, self-paced training platform includes all of the tools you need, including: a course builder, customizable branding, badges, certifications, reporting, mobile compatibility, integrations, and more.

Fast and Intuitive Setup

Launch your self-paced university in minutes

Appsembler’s online training software has an intuitive Setup Wizard that allows you to build your university in minutes, not weeks. Its step-by-step walkthrough takes you through site configuration, assigning university colors and logos, and more. After the setup process, use Appsembler’s course creator to build and launch your courses.

Custom Domain and Branding

Personalize Your Online Training

With Appsembler, branding your online university is easy. Whether you’re starting simple and just want to use your brand colors, fonts, and logo—or rolling out a full online university with a custom domain, a content management system (CMS), and integrations with your organization’s tech stack, Appsembler can grow with your needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Report on Course Registrations, Completions, MAUs, and More

Appsembler’s online training software includes Appsembler Figures, empowering you to measure the success and progress of your users. Track KPIs such as the number of user registrations, monthly active users (MAUs), section and course completions, and more. You can also track user progress, average days to course completion, and—if you’re using Appsembler Virtual Labs—the number of hands-on software environments launched.

Integrate Appsembler into your organization’s technology stack

Your online university sits at the intersection of multiple departments and the technologies they use. Appsembler comes with out-of-the-box integrations, but you can also integrate our platform using our APIs and Business Intelligence Connector to ensure a smooth experience for your learners. If you don’t have access to a technical resource, Appsembler’s Professional Services team is available.

Onboarding, Training and Support Services

A Personalized Plan Designed for Success.

Appsembler’s onboarding, training and support services are here to support your journey. When you purchase Appsembler products, an onboarding package, training and support services are included.

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Leveraging the Innovative Open edX Platform

Tahoe LMS isn’t just built on a platform; it’s an evolution in customer training. At its core lies the robust and versatile Open edX platform, renowned for its open-source innovation and flexibility. As active contributors to the Open edX community, we at Appsembler are not just users of this technology – we are pioneers shaping its future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer Hands-On, Software Training Environments?

Absolutely! Our platform specializes in immersive learning experiences. With Appsembler, learners can initiate a Virtual Training Lab directly within their browser. If your course includes our Virtual Labs feature, participants can engage in hands-on learning seamlessly alongside the course material, enhancing their understanding and skills in a practical, interactive environment.

What is the Cost of Appsembler for Online Training?

Our pricing is tailored to fit diverse needs. Visit our updated pricing page for detailed information on subscription options and the specific features each tier offers. If you’re uncertain about the best fit for your needs, feel free to contact us directly. We’re here to help you choose the right plan for your organization.

Is Self-Hosting Available through Appsembler?

Appsembler is exclusively available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. We manage all aspects of server operations, including scaling, updates, and upgrades. This approach allows your team to concentrate fully on creating impactful courses and engaging with learners without the hassle of technical management.

How Does Appsembler Differ from Open edX?

While both are built on the robust framework of Open edX, Appsembler enhances the experience with our SaaS expertise. We offer additional support, training, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager for your team, ensuring you can create effective self-paced courses. As active contributors to the Open edX community, we continually integrate the best of open-source innovation into our services.

Can I Import SCORM Content into Appsembler Products?

Yes, you can integrate SCORM content using SCORM Cloud. However, we encourage exploring our Studio tool for content creation, specifically designed for a streamlined and efficient authoring experience. Try our free trial and join our authoring webinars for insights and inspiration on creating engaging and effective online courses.