Lower support costs and increase product usage

Kimball Johnson, Developer Advocate, uses Appsembler's Tahoe platform.
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Reduce Developer Support Costs

Use Appsembler to build self-paced and immersive education experiences that lowers developer support costs. By providing interactive courses with in-context, hands-on product environments, your developer community will improve the depth of their product knowledge—lowering the costs associated with supporting them.

Increase Product Usage and Reduce TTFHW

With Appsembler Virtual Labs, developers have 1-click access to your product—no downloads or installations required. This lowers the barrier to entry to your product, reducing Time To First Hello World (TTFHW) and increasing the number of applications built using your platform.

The Next Step to Developer Documentation

Gain insights into the your developers’ product experience with interactive tools and reporting. Discover which product features your developers are focused on, which features they’re learning about, the courses they’re taking, and more.

Use education for better and more efficient developer advocacy. Through hands-on, immersive education experiences, developers will improve their knowledge of your products and discover its most valuable features — reducing developer support costs while increasing product usage.

Offer 1-Click, No-Install Versions of your Product

Appsembler Virtual Labs

Using Appsembler’s virtualization technology, you can insert 1-click, no-install versions of your product next to developer documentation. Does your documentation talk about your API? Insert a 1-click launcher so developers can easily build on your API as they learn. Making a new feature announcement to your developer community? Use Appsembler Virtual Labs so your developers can experience the feature instantly.

Reporting and Analytics

Report on registered developers, course completions, MAUs, and more

Appsembler Tahoe comes with Appsembler Figures, empowering your Developer Advocacy Team with reports to measure the health of your developer community. Track developer advocacy KPIs such as developer registrations, MAUs, enrollments, course completions, and product trials. Appsembler Figures also lets you report on average developer progress, average days to course completion, and more.

Fast and Intuitive Setup

Launch your developer advocacy curriculum in minutes

Appsembler Tahoe’s Setup Wizard builds your Developer University in minutes. Its step-by-step walkthrough takes you through site configuration, assigning university colors and logos, and more. After the setup process, your university is created—ready course creation aimed at lowering developer support costs and improving the awareness of your products.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Appsembler Tahoe into your devrel, marketing and support systems

Developer Advocacy sits at the junction of your company’s developer community, product, engineering, and support teams—along with the technology stack they all use. Appsembler Tahoe comes with out-of-the-box integrations, but you can also extend and integrate using our APIs and Business Intelligence Connector. For more custom integrations, Appsembler’s Professional Services team is available.

Onboarding, Training and Support Services

A personalized plan designed for success

Appsembler’s onboarding, training and support services are here to support your journey. When you purchase Appsembler products, an onboarding package, training and support services are included.

Powered by Open edX

A Powerful Platform at the Core

Built around the Open edX® platform

Appsembler Tahoe’s core, and the primary course authoring and learning experience, is built on the Open edX® platform. We are proud members of the Open edX® community.

Learn More

Appsembler Tahoe is a powerful platform with more features than just those listed here. If you want to see what the platform offers, and where we’re headed, check out our product roadmap page.