Lead generation through education

Lucio Daza, Director of Technical Marketing, uses Appsembler's Tahoe platform.
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Appsembler Tahoe

Your one-stop-shop for creating a scalable, lead generating university. Complete with an intuitive UI, fast setup, integration with your marketing tech stack, and reporting.

1-Click Product Demos

With Appsembler’s 1-Click Technology, leads can launch a product trial from within the university. Rapid launch times results in zero friction between product awareness and product trial.

Professional Services

Onboarding package included and professional services available. Whether you’re building your first course or are integrating with your marketing tech stack—Appsembler’s Customer Success and Professional Services Teams are available.

Leverage education as marketing to convert more website visitors into leads. Turn your existing marketing content into an immersive educational experience and a recurring source of product trials, MQLs, and leads.

Fast and Intuitive Setup

Launch your lead-generating, product university quickly

Appsembler Tahoe’s Setup Wizard helps you build your university in minutes, with no curriculum development and technical knowledge required. The step-by-step process takes you through naming your site, selecting your brand colors, uploading your company logos, and selecting a font. After that, your university is ready for course creation—and lead generation.

Reporting and Analytics

Report on monthly active users, registered learners, and course completions

Appsembler Tahoe comes with Appsembler Figures, giving you unprecedented visibility into the marketing performance of your university. Track MAUs, registrations, course enrollments, and course completions. Appsembler Figures also enables you to view average progress, average days to complete a course, and more.

Interactivity Tools, Badges and Certificates

Bring your content marketing to life

Add surveys, short quizzes, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and community discussions directly into your marketing content—taking your marketing content to the next level. Encourage leads to continue learning about your product with progress indicators and gamification. Finally, export all of these activities to your marketing automation and CRM tools for lead scoring, sales prioritization, and to trigger marketing workflows.

Integration with Marketing Automation Systems

Integrate Appsembler Tahoe into your marketing workflows and CRM

You have marketing automation and CRM systems in your sales and marketing technology stack. Appsembler Tahoe provides functionality out of the box, but you can also extend and integrate as your needs grow. With our APIs, Business Intelligence Connector, SSO, either your team or our Professional Services team can integrate Appsembler Tahoe into your other systems and services in your sales and marketing technology stack.

Onboarding, Training and Support Services

A personalized plan designed for success

Appsembler’s onboarding, training and support services are here to support your journey. When you purchase Appsembler products, an onboarding package, training and support services are included.

Powered by Open edX

A Powerful Platform at the Core

Built around the Open edX® platform

Appsembler Tahoe’s core, and the primary course authoring and learning experience, is built on the Open edX® platform. We are proud members of the Open edX® community.

Learn More

Appsembler Tahoe is a powerful platform with more features than just those listed here. If you want to see what the platform offers, and where we’re headed, check out our product roadmap page.

  • Can I use my existing marketing content in Appsembler for Marketing?

    Yes, and more. With Appsembler for Marketing, you can rebuild your existing marketing content into an immersive and engaging educational experience. You can also add interactive components like surveys, short quizzes, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and community discussions directly into your marketing content.

  • Can I offer hands-on product trials?

    We don’t like any other kind! To advance your leads and MQLs directly into product users, you can embed your product trial into the course. Appsembler for Marketing integrates directly with our other flagship product, Appsembler Virtual Labs, to launch 1-click and no-install versions of your platform in seconds.

  • How much does Appsembler for Marketing cost?

    Check out our pricing page for more information on our subscription tiers and the features available at each. If you’re unsure which tier is best for you, contact Appsembler.

  • Can we host Appsembler for Marketing ourselves?

    No. Appsembler for Marketing is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service)—we take care of the server management, scaling, updates, and upgrades, so your team can focus on building a powerful lead generation flywheel.