About us:

About Appsembler

We envision a future where learning has no limits. Anyone will be able to deliver incredible learning experiences.

At Appsembler, we believe that learning has no boundaries. It is lifelong, and can happen anytime, anywhere. Our mission is to empower trainers and educators to deliver delightful online learning experiences.

We offer a powerful, easy-to-use SaaS platform that makes it quicker and easier than ever to deliver online learning to employees, customers, partners and students.

Our customers include Microsoft, Qualcomm, Greenpeace, and dozens of other companies and universities around the world.

Appsembler Product Palette

“Today’s workforce is more mobile and they learn differently. They want immediate answers to their questions at their fingertips. We needed a solution to build online training from the perspective of customer satisfaction, and that’s why we turned to Appsembler, relying on their incredible expertise around leveraging the Open edX platform.”

Jim Breen
Jim Breen Director, Learning Services // InterSystems
Appsembler Open edX in action

Nate Aune, CEO of Appsembler

Our Story

When Open edX was released in 2012, we quickly realized the limitless potential of this online learning platform. We also knew that as an open-sourced platform, Open edX provided opportunities to innovate for all types of learning needs.

As one of the earliest Open edX pioneers, Appsembler has worked with customers from around the world to understand their goals, and adapt the Open edX platform to meet their needs.

Early on, we recognized patterns in the issues our customers faced. Trainers and educators wanted a solution that was flexible, cost-effective, scalable, and easy-to-use — for both students and course authors. But above all, they wanted a solution that enabled them to focus their energy on what mattered most — creating and delivering online learning experiences for their learners.

Today, we are a software company that was built from listening to our customers. We’ve taken years of Open edX expertise, and packaged it into one, easy-to-use platform, empowering you to quickly create and deploy Open edX sites.

With unrivalled customer support, global hosting and 99.95% server uptime, Appsembler has powered online learning for companies and universities around the world.