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White Paper: The Complete Guide to Virtual Labs

Delivering effective software training is crucial in enabling students to learn how to use any solution quickly and to their fullest capability. Yet traditional ways of delivering this training – such as instructor-led, classroom-based training or simulator labs – are often expensive, time-consuming to set up and run, and difficult to scale.

Even online learning delivered through learning and content management systems has its limitations. Software training needs to meet the needs of today’s learner by delivering an immersive training experience. That’s where virtual IT labs come in.

In our whitepaper, Power Your Training With Virtual Labs’ Immersive Learning Experiences, we explain how virtual labs can overcome the challenges of traditional software training models.

The Complete Guide to Virtual Software Training Labs

Here are some of the key takeaways:

What is a Virtual Lab?

Training Magazine defines a virtual lab as: “a virtual environment for learners to have hands-on experience with the same software they will eventually use on the job.”

Virtual training labs provide a hands-on, engaging environment where students learn by doing, rather than falling asleep watching a PowerPoint presentation. This learner-first experience not only empowers every student to get the most out of the software but also delivers successful training outcomes.

Benefits of Virtual Labs

Some of the key benefits of using a virtual labs solution to deliver training include:

  • Ability to deliver personalized and individualized training tailored to each learner’s needs
  • Ease the burden on the IT department’s resources and decrease training budget through the ability to deploy a lab with the click of a button
  • Accelerate software adoption by delivering an immersive, real-world learning experience that better engages the modern learner
  • Analyze training success to get an insight into learners’ progress through courses and any stumbling blocks

Virtual Labs Use Cases

Virtual labs can be used in a number of different ways to train learners on your software, both internally and externally. Take onboarding a new employee. By using virtual labs, you can get them up-to-speed on your product much quicker, while tailoring the training to their role and delivering targeted exercises with real-world examples.

Using virtual labs can also be of immense help to your sales department, whether it be through generating leads, providing demo and sandbox access to your software during the sales process, or delivering post-sales training as a way to close a sale or reduce churn.

Download the Whitepaper

This whitepaper is aimed at helping you learn more about the benefits of using virtual training labs for your online training needs. It also discusses:

  • Challenges of modern learners and traditional software training
  • Features of virtual labs
  • Appsembler Virtual Labs solution setup and requirements
  • Case studies

Leading organizations have already started transforming their training programs with the help of virtual labs. Download this whitepaper to hear more about their story, why they chose virtual labs, and the benefits they have seen.

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