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The 5 Benefits of Developer Marketing

When Twilio launched their now-famous “Ask Your Developer” campaign in 2015, it was a landmark event that the technology industry will always remember. And in retrospect, what started as a marketing campaign to improve Twilio’s product awareness became the birth of a new category: developer marketing.

Fast forward several years and companies like Slack, Plaid, Docker, MongoDB, Kong, Redis, and Stripe have all reached billion-dollar valuations backed by vibrant and engaged developer communities.

But how did these companies get there? Appsembler’s free e-book, The 5 Benefits of Developer Marketing, explores that.

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  • Real-life examples of what developer marketers are doing today to activate developer communities
  • The 2 themes that drive developer marketing success
  • What % of companies today have developer marketing teams
  • How to articulate the value of developer marketing to your stakeholders
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