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Adding videos to your Open edX course

One of the most common and useful tools of online learning is video lectures, and adding them to your course can be easily done through Open edX.

Then, navigate to Content, and then, from the dropdown menu, select Outline.

You can add videos to units that already exist, or create new ones. In this example, we’ll just add a video to a pre-existing unit. Navigate to the unit you want to add a video to, clicking the arrows to expand the sections and subsections. Select the Unit

As you can see, this unit has some text information, but no video content yet. To add a video, simply click the Video button underneath Add New Component, which is towards the bottom of the page.

A default video will load, but you can replace it by clicking Edit and pasting a new URL in the Default Video URL box. From the editing window, you can also change the video title displayed in the unit, as well as uploading a timed transcript, and in the Advanced section in the top right, you can play around with the transcript settings more, like allowing for students to download it. Don’t forget to hit save for any changes you make.

Note: Open edX users often ask if there is a way to upload video content directly. There currently is not, videos must be hosted somewhere on the internet in advance to being added to an Open edX course. 

And just like that, you’ve got a new video lecture for your course!

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