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Grading student Open Response Assessments (ORA) in Open edX

With the Open Response Assessment (ORA), learners can provide responses to highly nuanced essay-style questions. But how do instructors access and grade these assignments after they’ve been submitted? Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Once logged in as a staff member, navigate to the ORA in the LMS

  2. Underneath the Open Response Assessment, an instructor can see a few buttons for managing responses. If you simply want to see responses that are available for grading, click GRADE AVAILABLE RESPONSES

  3. By clicking on Staff Assessment, it will present you with a student’s response to grade according to the criteria that was established when the assignment was created

  4. Once you’ve graded the assignment, just use the Submit assessment button at the bottom of the page to save your grading and return the grade to the student. You can also use the Submit assessment and continue grading button in order to immediately move onto the next student.