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Cleaning up after your Virtual Labs Live Event is over

When your live event session is over, your
containers will automatically stop and be cleaned up at the time you’ve specified (either when the session ends, or x minutes after the session ends, depending on how you configured the class.) Your event, class, and session data will remain, until you manually delete them. 

  • To delete an event, class, or session, just click the red delete button to the right of its name. If you delete the entire event, it will delete the session(s) and class(es) for you. 
  • To delete a single class, you need to hover over the class to get the edit/delete buttons to appear. 
  • Note: You cannot delete an event with active deployments – you’ll need to expire any running sessions first.

Your learner deployment info (accessed from the Learner Deployments tab) will also persist until you delete the the class, event or session that it’s tied to. 

If you’d like to keep a historical record of this data, or think you may need to refer back to your event to see how it was configured, you may choose not to delete your past events. (Leaving the event, class, or session intact will not take up any real space on your cluster.) 

Tip: If you’d like to keep the info, but remove the event to keep things tidy, you can always just copy the data out of this page and into a file, like MS Excel or a Google sheet.

>> Please note that Live Events is included in the Virtual Labs Premium Plan, and can be purchased for other tiers as an add-on.