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Appsembler Enterprise XBlock directory

Note: Tahoe customers should refer to our list of Open edX XBlocks Deployed in Tahoe.

Here is a useful list of XBlocks that Appsembler has vetted and may be used on your Enterprise Open edX site. It is important to note that before an  XBlock can be enabled, it must first be installed by and Appsembler Engineer. The number of XBlocks you can have installed on your site is dependent upon the tier of your subscription.

Refer to this list if you ever need to know the technical name of an XBlock to put into the Advanced Module list of your course in order to enable that XBlock.  

Technical Name
A way to include and view 3D .obj models within a course.
Along with providing a multimedia carousel, focuses on embedding a separate url of a web-enabled workspace for hands-on activities.
Container Launcher
Allows authors to embed a container launcher button that will spin up a student lab environment when the student clicks on the button.
Implements a friendly drag-and-drop style problem, where the learner has to drag items to zones on a target image.
Enables embedding of Google Documents or Google Calendar within a course.
Enables embedding of Google Documents or Google Calendar within a course.
Allows you to use an image with hotspots in a course. When the student clicks a hotspot icon, tooltip containing custom content is displayed.
A full-screen image modal XBlock.
Allows course to display an arbitrary number of top scoring threads in an inline discussion, as well as top scores in a graded exercise.
Visualize cdf (mathematica) files.
Transcribe manuscripts using MUFI font.
Allows for the embedding of lectures hosted on Office Mix directly into a course.
Provides functionality for peer assessment, self assessment, student training.
Allows embedding of interactive explorations (Oppia explorations) within courseware.
Visualize paella/matterhorn videos.
Embed PDF with XBlock title and download buttons.
Allows for implementation of Peer Instruction within Open edX.
Course component that provides a personality test via IONISx.
Allow students to post resources for given problems, then discuss and vote on which resources are the most helpful.
Display School Yourself (SY) content – interactive math explorations.
Use Video.js HTML5 player instead of the default one.
In a word cloud, students enter words into a field in response to a question or prompt. The words that all of the students enter then appear instantly as a colorful graphic, with the most popular responses appearing largest.
or “survey”,
Enables a course author to create survey/poll elements to get feedback from students. Poll XBlocks have one question, and a series of answers. Survey XBlocks have several questions.
Allows students to upload files to be graded by course staff. (Appsembler implementation fee required.)
A video player that works with multiple video hosting sites.

Note: Every new course in Open edX is like an identical blank slate. This means that even if you have an XBlock that you use in all of your courses, you will still have to re-enable it for use in your new course. See our help article on How to Enable XBlocks for the details on this!