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Viewing student profile information and reports in Open edX

If you need to find out information about students in your course, such as email addresses, simply follow these steps. Note that not all of these reports are available to all staff, and you may require course admin rights (or higher) to access all of this data, which should be protected once downloaded.

  1. In the LMS, go to the Instructor dashboard, and then select the Data Download tab.
  2. From this page, you can download a CSV containing student profile information, as well as other data. To access the most useful of these reports, scroll down to Reports.

  3. The reports on this page provide the following information in CSV format:
    Profile information
    Data dump of all students currently enrolled and their profiles. This information is also available on smaller courses under List enrolled students’ profile information.
    id, username, name, email, language, location, year_of_birth, gender, level_of_education, mailing_address, goals, enrollment_mode, verification_status, city, country
    Learners who can enroll
    A simple list of emails of learners who have been invited to enroll in the course, but have not yet done so.
    Problem responses
    Requires a specific problem component location ID, for example:
    This report essentially lists everything about each students’ attempts at the problem.
    username, state
    Certificates issued
    CSV or data displayed in page (for smaller courses) summarising the certificates issued for a course
    CourseID, Certificate Type, Total Certificates Issued, Date Report Run
  4. For the majority of these reports, you will need to scroll down to Reports Available for Download in order to download these reports once you have pressed the button. They may take some time to generate, depending on the amount of data that is required.