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Viewing video data in Open edX Insights

With Open edX Insights, you can see how many views your course videos are getting, whether those views are partial or full views, and at which point during the videos that your learners are dropping off. Here’s how to see analytic data on videos in your course. 

  1. From the Insights Course List (, click on the course name for the course you want to look into. 
  2. Click on Engagement
  3. Click on Videos
  4. This page shows a break down of all of the sections of your course. Within each section, there is a bar graph reflecting the average number of views for all of the videos within that section. In order to see more specific information, either click on the bar for any section containing video content, or use the Select Section drop down menu. 
  5. Now, you will see a page showing a similar breakdown as the previous page, but for all of the subsections within the section you’ve chosen. Once again, in order to drill down further, click on the subsection you would like to see more information about. 

    Note: The section in the screenshot below contains 2 subsections, only one of which includes videos.

  6. This page shows all of the individual videos within a subsection. You now are able to specific view numbers for your videos, as opposed to average numbers from the previous screens. In order to see detailed information for a specific video, click on the bar graph or use the Select Video drop down menu.
  7. This screen shows how your learners are viewing this particular video over the course of the video. Hover with your mouse over the graph in order to see how many unique viewers watched the video to that point, as well as how many of those viewers replayed the video to that point. 
    • From this screen you can see Video Metrics for the video as a whole, underneath the views over time graph.
    • You also have the option to see this video in the LMS by clicking “View Live” or seeing a preview by clicking “Expand Preview” if you want to see the video without leaving