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Adding a PDF textbook to your Open edX course

PDF Textbooks are a great way to add reference content that does not directly relate to any particular part of your other course content. (For PDFs that relate directly to specific pieces of content we recommend using the PDF XBlock instead.) Check out this video on how to upload PDF Textbooks. We’ve also added text instructions below if you’d rather follow through at your own speed.

1 – Navigate to the Textbooks tab in Studio by opening your course and clicking Content, then Textbooks.

2 – Once on the Textbooks page, select the Add Your First Textbook button, or the New Textbook button in the top right if a textbook already exists. Fill in the information about your Textbook and the file you’re uploading. If your PDF is extremely large, then you should split it up into separate chapter files in order to limit the file sizes for your learners on mobile devices and metered connections.

3 – Click Upload PDF and Choose File to upload your PDF, before clicking Save.

4 – Add any further chapters relevant to your document, and then click the Save button to save this Textbook.

You’re done! Your textbook is now available in your course. You’ll find it along the horizontal navigation in your course.