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Accessing Open edX Studio with an SSO Integration

If your organization utilizes a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution with your Open edX site in order to make your website and Open edX more tightly integrated, accessing Studio can be a little strange. Here are the steps  you need to take to make sure you can access Studio.

What’s the deal?

With most SSO integrations, whenever a user first logs into the Open edX site, the SSO system essentially creates the edX account for them. This includes a randomly generated username & password. Usually it’s not necessary for the user to ever know these credentials because the SSO workflow handles all that. However, logging into Studio usually isn’t connected to the SSO workflow. So in this case it is necessary to know your own password.

Here’s how you & your colleagues can “create” your own knowable passwords: 

  1. First make sure you’re signed out the LMS on your site. This can either be done by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner of the LMS or by typing your LMS URL and adding “/logout” to the end like this: (this is very important, otherwise the rest of the process won’t work).
  2. Go to this sign in page for Studio. It will be something like:
  3. Click “Forgot password?”
  4. Type the email address associated with your account. 
  5. Click “Reset my password” 
  6. Follow the instructions in the password reset email that will then be sent to you.

After this, you should be able to log into Studio without any problems. Logging into the LMS via your SSO solution will not have changed.