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Creating custom course experiences (CCX) in Open edX

A custom course (CCX) is a way for course creators to allow another member of their team (called the CCX Coach) to re-run a course or parts of a course to a specific group of learners – these are often different learners from those in the original course.

A CCX is essentially a duplicate of the original course with its own schedule & group of students. A CCX Coach can’t edit or add content on a CCX, but they can do the following:

  • Choose which sections/subsections/units of the original course to include or exclude
  • Set the course schedule, including content release and due dates
  • Enroll students
  • View & download grades
  • Adjust the grading policy (NOTE: In a CCX, this is not as simple as it is in an original course)

Enable CCX in Advanced Settings

In order to create a custom course, you must have Studio access to the original course. From Studio, navigate to Advanced Settings, found under the Settings drop down menu.

Scroll down to the Enable CCX field, and set it to “true

Note: Don’t forget to click Save Changes after making any changes in Advanced Settings.

Add a CCX Coach via the Instructor Dashboard

Switch over the LMS for that course, and navigate to the Instructor Dashboard

Scroll to the bottom where you will find the Course Team Management section. From the Select a course team role: drop down menu, select CCX Coach.

Then type the username or email for the CCX Coach you wish to add to the course, and click the Add CCX Coach button. 

The user is added as a coach and enrolled in the course if he/she is not already enrolled.

Note: The user you add as a CCX Coach must first be a registered user on your site.

First, the CCX Coach must access the original course via the LMS. Here they will see a new page on the course called CCX Coach. Click on this page. 

If a CCX has not been created for this course yet, the CCX Coach will be able to create one by typing the name of the CCX in the box and clicking the  Create a new Custom Course for edX button. The CCX is now created and the CCX Coach will now have full access to the CCX Coach Dashboard for the course. The CCX will show up in the LMS dashboard as a separate course for the CCX Coach.