Managing your Virtual Labs Live Event - Appsembler

Managing your Virtual Labs Live Event

If you’ve set everything up correctly (
see Creating a Live Event ) there shouldn’t be much in Virtual Labs to worry about while your event is in session. Your attendees should be able to click on the Learner Dashboard link you provide them, and click a button to start a container and the software and assignment you’ve set up for them. Here’s a step-by-step of what your users can expect:

  1. Access the event’s Learner Dashboard via the link you provide.
  2. Enter email address and clicks ‘Sign in’ (any properly-formatted email works – there is no pre-registration of specific emails).
  3. Click ‘Launch’ button to start a container.
  4. Click ‘Open’ button to start the software (which may require a password, depending on how you configured it.)

Software launch issues

If the user container launches fine, but the software does not start properly within the user’s container, the easiest fix is to stop and restart the user’s container and have them try to launch the software again. 

To stop and restart a specific container, go to the Learner Deployments tab and click “Restart”. Then ask your user to click the Open button from the Learner Dashboard page.

Container launch issues

If your user container fails to launch, they will see a
please contact instructor” message instead of an ‘Open’ button. If this happens, first ask the user to try to launch again. If it continues to fail, please contact us at so we can assist.

>> Please note that Live Events is included in the Virtual Labs Premium Plan, and can be purchased for other tiers as an add-on.