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Adding handouts to your Open edX course

When creating your Open edX course, you will likely want to have some sort handouts available for your students to look at or download.

Before you can make a file available as a handout, you must first add it to your course Files & Uploads page. For more information on how to do this, read our article on adding files to your Open edX course.

First, from Studio, click the Content drop-down menu.

Select Updates.

This is where you find all your course updates and handouts. To add or edit your course handouts, select Edit from the Course Handouts panel.

You’ll now see the HTML editor, where you can edit, add, or delete your handouts. If it appears confusing, just remember these two main points:

When you add a handout, all you need to do is copy that line of code to the next line below (or above), and change out the link and name of the handout.

Copy/Paste the following into your own:

  <li> <a href="/static/demoPDF.pdf"> Example Handout </a> </li>

In order to add the link to your new handout, simply navigate to your Files & Uploads page, and copy the Embed URL to the file you would like to make a new handout.

Then paste it into the HTML editor. 

That’s all there is to it! Now, when your students go to the Course Updates & News pages, they’ll see the new handout you just added.