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Disabling Grading in Your Open edX Course

When a course isn’t supposed to have a final “passing” grade, it only makes sense to disable the grading feature. This won’t make it impossible to have formative problems in your course, it just removes all concept of “Passing” or “Failing” from your course. After all – nobody wants to be told that they’re failing a course that cannot be passed!

To do this is simple. First, head on over to Studio and open up your course. You’ll then want to head into the Advanced Settings area, which can be found under Settings in the menu at the top.

Once you’re in there, you’ll want to scroll down (or search the page) for the field Course Not Graded. Simply set this to true, and your course will no longer be considered a graded course. 

There will be no passing grades, no certificates will be issued (even if they are enabled), and in general it will become impossible to pass the course. This will also disable the grading display in our upcoming feature, Learner grade details that appear on the learner dashboard.