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Adding additional instructors to your Open edX course

Unless you’re planning on teaching all of your courses yourself, it’s necessary to know how to add instructors to your course.

First, log in to your LMS. It looks like this:

Go to the Instructor Dashboard and click Membership.

Scroll down to the Course Team Management section, click the drop down menu under Select a course team role: dropdown menu.

From this menu, make sure Staff is selected. 

Note: This is also where you would add any other course team members such as Discussion Admins, Beta Testers, TA’s, and CCX Coaches. To learn how to add CCX Coaches, read our article Creating custom course experiences in Open edX.

Next, type in the email address of the user you wish to make an Instructor. Remember: This user must first be registered!

If edX returns an error that says the user couldn’t be found, you’ll have to register them first. If you’re unsure how to do this, check out our article Registering users on Open edX: How to do it and why it’s important.

Click Add Staff, and there you go. A new Instructor is born.

Staff User Permission Breakdown

There are essentially three types of staff or administrative roles in Open edx. Course Staff, Course Admin, and Site-Wide Admin. Here’s how their permissions break down:

  • Course Staff (AKA Instructor)
    • Access to the Instructor Dashboard for that course only.
    • Access to Studio for that course only.
  • Course Admin
    • All permissions of Course Staff.
    • Ability to manage personnel for that course only.
  • Site-Wide Admin
    • Access to Studio for all courses.
    • Ability to create new courses.
    • Ability to manage personnel in all courses.

Only Course Staff and Course Admins can be added by existing users (likely Site-Wide Admin). If you would like to create a Site-Wide Admin user for your organization, you must contact the Appsembler Customer Success Team with the email address of the user you would like to upgrade.