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Managing a custom course experience (CCX) in Open edX

creating a Custom Course, a CCX Coach has access to the CCX Coach Dashboard, which is where all of the managing and configurations of a CCX take place. 

CCX Coach Dashboard

The CCX Coach Dashboard is found in the LMS and has four main parts:

  1. Enrollment
  2. Schedule
  3. Student Admin
  4. Grading Policy

This page can only be accessed by a CCX Coach for the Custom Course.


The Enrollment tab is where the CCX Coach can enroll students in the course. This works almost exactly like 
enrolling students works for a regular course.

The student will be sent an email notifying them they’ve been enrolled. If the student needs to register an account, they will be directed to do that. If not, the course will simply show up in their LMS Dashboard.


This is the part of the CCX Coach Dashboard where the coach can choose which parts of the original course to include in the CCX and when they are to be released.

To add parts of the original course to your course outline, use the
Schedule a Unit panel on the right hand side. You can select specific units or choose to include all units within a section or subsection.  

After choosing all the units you wish to include in the CCX, be sure to click
Save Changes

This page can also be used to adjust
start dates or due dates of specific units or subsections. 

Student Admin

Unlike the capabilities of the Student Admin section accessible via the Instructor Dashboard, the only options in the CCX Coach Dashboard are to view the gradebook or download a csv of student grades. 

NOTE: CCX Coaches have full access to the Instructor Dashboard for a CCX, so all the capabilities therein are still available to coaches.

Grading Policy

The Grading Policy section in a CCX is different from setting the 
grading policy in an original course. The user interface does not exist. However, the same options are more or less available.

We don’t recommend changing anything here besides the weight of the problems, and if you do, make sure the weights all add up to = 1. Changing the number of each assignment types without access to Studio can easily break your course.