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Generating Exception Certificates in Open edX


Exception certificates force the system to generate a certificate for a learner, regardless of their current grade.

This is useful for:

  • Learners who accidentally deleted their own accounts and need to start over
  • Learners who already completed courses in an external system
  • Learners who were 1% away from passing, and you want to show them leniency


In order to do this:

  • You must be a Course Admin
  • The learner must be enrolled in the course
  • Certificates must be enabled on both your site and your course


  1. Open up your course in the LMS and open up the Instructor dashboard. Select the Certificates tab.
  2. Scroll down to Set Certificate Exceptions. Enter the user’s email address in the email field, and optionally add a note to confirm why an exception is being granted.
  3. Scroll down to Generate Exception Certificates and hit the Generate Exception Certificates button.


The learner will see a certificate download link on their progress page, even if they do not qualify for a certificate: