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Changing a learner’s score on an Open edX problem

Sometimes, learners deserve a little slack. Maybe your question was wrong, maybe they need just that one extra point to pass the course and you’re feeling generous. Whatever the reason, you can now update scores on a per-question basis. Let’s take a quick look at the easiest method for doing that. This method is available from the Hawthorn version of Open edX and later, and as such will work for Appsembler Tahoe customers.

First, locate your problem in the course. Here’s mine, a basic checkbox problem.

By clicking Staff Debug Info, which can be found below and to the right of your problem, you’ll pull up a window which has a number of fun tools in it. All you need to do from here is enter the username of the learner you’d like to update the score for and enter the score you’d like to give them for that question. Once entered, you need to hit Override Score to submit their new score.

Important note: The score as entered is as a percentage of the total available points. In this case, the question is worth 2 points, so entering 1.0 in the override box would give the learner both points. If you wanted to give the learner 1 out of 2 points, you’d need to enter 0.5.

The learner will see their new score immediately on loading or reloading the page containing the problem, or their progress chart, and the platform will behave as if they were the one who entered that grade all along.