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Adding and editing custom pages in Open edX

Open edX comes with a few default course pages – They are Home (formerly, Course Info), Course (formerly, Courseware), Discussion, Wiki, and Progress. Since the release of Open edX Eucalyptus, all of these (except Home & Course) can be moved around, hidden or shown at your will. You can also add pages. Here’s how it’s done. 

Editing Pages

Pages appear in the LMS in a nav bar at the top of the page and look like this: 

To make changes to your pages, start in Open edX Studio, and navigate to the Pages section, which is under the Content drop down menu. 

From here, you can show/hide pages and reorder them to your liking. In the example below, I have hidden the Wiki page and have moved the Progress page up to be next to the Course section. 

Changes in this part of Open edX are saved automatically, so now when I refresh my LMS, it looks like this: 

Adding Custom Pages

To create a new custom page, simply click the “+ Add a New Page” at the bottom of the Pages section of Open edX Studio – the same section where we just were editing our existing pages. 

Now it is up to you edit the content of your new page! You have access to both the visual editor and the HTML editor, so feel free to go nuts with it! 

Once you’ve created your new page, it will show up in your LMS. Side note: For this reason it might be a good idea to keep the page hidden while you are building it if you don’t wish for your students to see the page as a work in progress.