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How to choose an AVL integration option

This feature is in beta.  If you would like to use it on your AVL cluster, please contact your CSM.

AVL offers several ways to integrate with your platform.  This document helps you choose the best option.  If you’re using Tahoe or Open edX, see Adding a Virtual Labs project to your Open edX course.  And if you haven’t read the instructions for integrations in Embedding Virtual Labs into another platform, start there.

Option 1: Email on Form

The user will be prompted to enter an email address before getting a lab.  This option can be good if:

  • You have longer-running labs, for which the user will likely come back multiple times.  Option 2 relies on data stored in the learner’s browser, so if the learner deletes that data, they will not get a fresh lab next time they click the button, rather than the lab they already started
  • You want to know which learners have started labs.  With Option 2, since we don’t ask for an email address, we don’t have a good way of identifying the learner in your reports.  
  • You want to capture the learner’s email address in your marketing database. You can add these learner’s after generating an AVL labs report. 

When launching the lab, the learner will be prompted with a form, like this:

launch with email

Option 2: No Email

With this option, the user does not submit an email address when starting a lab. Choose this option if: 

  • You have short-lived labs.  Since we don’t have anything to reliably identify the user, we rely on storage in the browser to get the lab back to the learner.  If that storage data is deleted, we can’t get the lab back to the learner.
  • You don’t need to know which user create a given lab.  Your reports will show you how many labs were created, and the type of, lab, but there is no info to identify the learner stored in our database, so we of course can’t display that to you in your reports.
When launching a lab, the learner will see this: