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Preventing students from enrolling on your Open edX course

Whether you want to limit the number of students enrolled in a course or are still in the middle of authoring the course, there are many reasons you might not want students enrolling. Here’s how to prevent it.

Three Methods

1. Make the course by invite only.

If you already have the data on the students to be enrolled in the course, you can simply give the course a  by-invitation-only enrollment model. This completely takes away the option for students to enroll themselves. Once you’re ready for students to begin your course, simply use the batch enrollment feature to enroll your students.

2. Change the enrollment dates

From Studio, navigate to the Schedules & Details page, found under the Setting drop down menu. 

From the Course Schedule section of this page, you can adjust the time frame that students will be able to enroll themselves. You can set it for however long you want, and however far in the future you want, as long as it is before the Course Start Date. 

You can change these dates at any time, so a good practice for preventing students from enrolling might be to set the Enrollment Start Date to some day in the distant future. Then, when you’re ready for students to begin enrollment, adjusting the dates.

3. Hide the course

Hiding the course from your organization’s course catalog is a simple way to not only prevent students from enrolling, but from seeing the course altogether. Check out  this article on how it’s done.