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Understanding Green Progress Checkmarks in Open edX

What are the green checkmarks next to each lesson in the courses? How are they earned? In this short article, all will be revealed. In the course outline, green checkmarks appear next to each completed subsection:

What are they?

The green checkmarks are indicators of ‘completion‘ – from a Tahoe (Open edX) perspective. Open edX, the open source LMS that Tahoe is built upon, has some very specific rules for deciding when a piece of course content (aka, a content block or course component) is complete. Completeness does not indicate correctness, only that the learner has participated in that learning content.

How is completion tracked?

The criteria varies by content type:

  • For an HTML component, the learner must have loaded the page for at least 5 seconds.
  • For a problem component (and most interactive XBlocks), the learner must have submitted an answer (regardless of correctness.
  • For a video, the learner must have watched (or fast-forwarded) to the 95% mark.
  • For an Open Response Assessment, the learner must have received a grade (either submitted by an instructor or through peer grading).
  • For the LTI Consumer XBlock, the learner must receive a score back from the external system.

Completion then cascades upwards – If all components are marked complete, the unit is marked complete. If all units are marked as complete, then the subsection is marked as complete.

This progress is then reflected on the learner dashboard for the course.