Downloading responses to a specific problem in Open edX - Appsembler

Downloading responses to a specific problem in Open edX

If you want to review the responses to a single problem from a course, you can easily do so by downloading a CSV file of all responses to a problem from the Instructor dashboard.

First, in order generate a CSV file that lists all student answers to a given problem, you will need to find the location ID of the problem. You find this by navigating to the problem in your content and selecting
Staff Debug Info.

A popup will open. You’ll want to copy the information after “location = ” . In this case it’s the entirety of the text starting with “block-v1:Appsembler+HKTEST101”.

Then you need to navigate to the
Instructor dashboard

and then to
Data Download

and then scroll down to
Reports and find the Problem location field. This is where you will paste the problem location you copied earlier.

Paste the location in the box and click
Download a CSV of problem responses.

You’ll see a message in green text that your report is being created. When it is ready, you’ll find a link to the CSV under “Reports Available for Download”.

Your new file will appear at the top of the list. Click the link and the file will download.