Using the Cloud URL feature with Live Events - Appsembler

Using the Cloud URL feature with Live Events

The Cloud URL feature in Live events allows you to allocate an item from a list to each user in a live event.  This could be the address of a preconfigured instance on a cloud platform, a unique link to launch and environment on your SaaS platform, or really anything you choose as long as it is a URL.

There are two parts to set up to use this feature, firstly you need to provide a list of the data to allocate, as a whitespace-separated list.  Secondly, in the HTML widget that is presented to the learners, you use the template {{cloud_url}} to display the randomly selected item from the list.

It is important that you provide enough items in the list for all the instances that could be launched.  The number of instances that can be launched is set at the Class stage and will be the same for each class session.

Let’s work through the process to set this up.  Follow the steps in When you get to section 2.9, you can add the {{cloud_url}} element into the HTML template as below:

From this point, we continue on with the steps in until step 3.4.  You will be editing this dialog:

As you can see, there is a section for Cloud URLs.  These must be a URL, and you need one per container that can be launched, each one on a new line. For each container launched, one entry will be assigned and displayed in the HTML widget presented to the user.  Each URL is used only once.

Everything else is the same process as setting up an event without using Cloud URLs.