Open edX Dogwood release overview


Louis Gudema

Keynote Speaker

Nate Aune


Areas We Will Cover

Open edX Dogwood Release


Nate Aune


Nate is the founder of Appsembler. As a leader, visionary and strategist, Nate plays a strong community role in the development of Open Source Software.


EdX is releasing updates to Open edX about three times a year. In this webinar, Appsembler CEO Nate Aune reviews the major new features in the Open edX Dogwood release, which came out in February, 2016, and then he answers questions posed by the attendees. You can check out our previous post where we described a lot of the features. In this webinar, we actually show them off! Watch the video in its entirety below, click through the slides, or jump to specific parts by clicking on the timecodes in the Table of Contents.

Join us for our next webinar: Tuesday, May 3 – Open edX and Interoperability.

Table of Contents

  • Overview of Dogwood and It’s Features – 1:26
  • Q&A
    • What is LTI and why is it useful? – 19:52
    • What types of assessments are now available in the mobile app? – 21:21
    • Can course updates be setup with a timer in order to release them at a predetermined future date? – 22:05
    • Is the Search feature available through an API so that custom course browsing microsites can use it? – 23:09
    • Any idea when, in the future, we will see SCORM support? – 24:05
    • Do you have documentation on installing Dogwood or upgrading to Dogwood in production as opposed to devstack? – 25:52