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Nate Aune


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Open edX & Interoperability


Nate Aune


Nate is the founder of Appsembler. As a leader, visionary and strategist, Nate plays a strong community role in the development of Open Source Software.


This month, we decided to take a look at interoperability, or, “Making Open edX play nicely with others.” It’s a topic that a lot of folks are interested in because so many organizations these days already have systems in place that they would like their LMS to be able to interface with. Watch the video in its entirety below, click through the slides, or jump to specific parts by clicking on the timecodes in the Table of Contents.

Next month we will not be having our usual webinar because we are going to be at the Open edX Conference! But we will be back in July exploring what’s new in Open edX Eucalyptus.

Table of Contents

  • Interoperability in Open edX  – 3:27
  • Q&A – 24:37
    • Is Course Discovery enabled by default? Is it only available in Dogwood? – 25:49
    • Did the Google Hangouts integration go away and then come back? – 26:34
    • Do you know if there are any plans for integrating Adobe Connect? – 27:37
    • You mentioned Hadoop. Were you referring to the edX Insights product that uses Hadoop? – 28:34
    • Have you head of Firefox Hello for video & voice conversations? – 29:35
    • Can you say something more about the tracking log mentioned in the earlier slides? – 31:10