Simplify Course Discovery

With Appsembler’s taxonomy manager, it’s easier than ever for your Learners to discover the online course that is right for them.

Custom Filters for Expanded Course Discovery

Out of the box, Open edX provides only three filters, “org”, “mode”, and “language.” and no easy way to add custom filters. When there are only a few courses, it is easy to scan over the list to find the course you want or need. As the number of courses you provide grows, this becomes more of a challenge and course filtering become a crucial tool to course discovery. To meet customer needs for better course discover, Appsembler created the taxonomy manager. This is a tool to allow customers to create their own course discovery filters.


How the taxonomy manager works

There are two parts to the taxonomy manager. There is a user interface which lets the customer administrators create and manage filters (formally called ‘facets’) and facet values. There is also an enhancement to the course discovery page in the learning management system which shows the custom filters and lets users, such as students and instructors, to quickly discover courses based on the filters which the customer administrators created. Examples coud be: If you are providing training to sales people or field technicians, you can provide filters for geographical region and product types. If you are providing a series of training from beginner to expert, you can provide filters based on existing skill sets.

With the custom filter editor, you can shape and tune your filtering to meet evolving organizational needs.