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What is Developer Marketing?

Developer marketing comprises the marketing strategies that business-to-developer (B2D) companies use to increase their product’s awareness, adoption, and advocacy with various hard-to-reach technical audiences.

Developer marketing is vital for software companies that want to capture the attention of software developers and win their purchasing approval.

Why is this necessary? Today, up to 90% of developers have an influence on software purchase decisions. Without their thumbs up, your software will be missing a key decision-maker in the purchasing process, increasing the risk that your product won’t be selected.

This eBook discusses the entirety of developer marketing — and has something for both newcomers to the field and established B2D veterans.

What’s inside:

  • Everything you need to know to get started with developer marketing
  • The summarized version of the 5 benefits of developer marketing (the complete, in-depth version is here)
  • Real-life examples of successful developer marketing initiatives
  • How you can create your developer outreach program
  • What we’ve learned from effective and successful developer marketing programs over the years

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