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[TEMPLATE] Technical Marketing Job Description

Technical marketing requires a different approach to traditional marketing. As you’ll be targeting a tech-savvy audience, who will often be largely made up of developers, traditional marketing techniques such as cold calls, static demos, and brochures on broad product benefits won’t work. You need to use self-paced courses, interactive documentation, hands-on sandboxes, and build an engaged community to be successful in technical marketing.

Successfully using these tools requires different marketing skills, so we created several job description templates to help you hire the right technical marketers for your team. 

Technical Marketer

Key Responsibilities

  • Create interactive and engaging documentation, including quizzes, polls, surveys, videos, FAQs, and discussion forums
  • Develop a dedicated marketing zone tailored to our technical buyers where they can access all of our educational product materials, documentation, and hands-on exercises
  • Build self-paced courses with hands-on sandbox environments that are tailored to different roles, personas, and seniority levels
  • Create, develop, and nurture a product-focused technical community and build relationships and trust with this community (usually comprised of developers, software engineers, data analysts, and DevOps)
  • Provide technical market support to internal and external stakeholders to promote the use of your product
  • Track metrics to ensure our technical marketing campaigns are succeeding and ensuring the department is hitting its KPIs in all areas of the technical buyer journey, from awareness to engagement to activation to monetization
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data on the audience’s product usage and adoption patterns, then relay this information to our organization’s Engineering and Product Management teams

Skills Knowledge, and Expertise

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and ability to tailor your way of communicating to a technical audience
  • Enjoy learning about new tech, sharing stories, and building communities
  • Ability to lead conversations with technical buyers and stakeholders
  • Experience in B2B marketing and knowledge of technical concepts
  • Hands-on experience with technical products, preferably as a software engineer or as a technical sales engineer
  • Ability to seamlessly collaborate with global cross-functional teams, including product managers, solutions, engineering, sales, and design
  • Experience working with product management teams, with the ability to translate technical concepts into compelling and engaging product and marketing material

Technical Marketing Manager

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and lead a team of technical marketers and engineers (which may be cost-shared with other departments)
  • Develop a go-to-market playbook that defines our technical marketing strategy
  • Create an annual technical marketing plan that incorporates new content, event attendance and hosting, promotional initiatives, advertising, and development of technical marketing tools
  • Put together buyer personas that detail the characteristics of our technical audience(s) and ensure that the organization’s product materials/education effectively onboards and engages them 
  • Create and own the plan for technical content that includes technical product use cases, documentation, corresponding courses, and hands-on product sandboxes
  • Work with the product teams to create technical content that supports new features
  • Represent the company at industry and in-house events with technical credibility
  • Develop differentiated messaging and positioning based on a deep understanding of the audience’s goal and challenges, and bring this to life through content, events, campaigns, and feature launches
  • Represent the voice of our technical audience and deeply understand their needs and pain, and how we can alleviate those concerns
  • Define metrics to measure the success of our technical marketing campaigns and carry out competitive intelligence gathering, strategy analysis, and product teardowns

Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise

  • Experience managing a product or technical marketing team and creating marketing campaigns for a deeply technical audience (e.g. developers, software engineers, data analysts, and DevOps)
  • Ability to build adoption and engagement of new and existing product lines and features
  • A proven track record in creating and understanding technical buyer personas 
  • Experience crafting compelling positioning, messaging, and thought leadership content aimed at technical audiences
  • An innovative technical marketing approach that helps you reach-out to and engage technical audiences
  • Prior experience influencing cross-functional teams to drive new product development and bottom-up (community-sourced) feature requests

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Technical Marketing Engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • Create collateral and interactive documentation that shows how our product works, including features and best practices 
  • Implement hands-on sandboxes that allow our users to test drive our software and assist premium accounts in using our sandboxes to build out their software proofs-of-concept (POCs)
  • Participate in technical communities and provide thought leadership and answers to technical product questions to establish your role as a trusted expert in our product, its strengths/weaknesses, and the ecosystem that our product participates in
  • Collaborate with other departments, such as sales and traditional marketing, on required collateral for our technical audiences and unique sales cadences/approach required when reach-out to technical buyers
  • Incorporate customer feedback into product strategy, specifications, and roadmap
  • Represent the company at webinars, podcasts, and industry events – particularly those that are aimed at technical audiences (developers, software engineers, data analysts, and DevOps)
  • Work with developer marketing and developer advocacy teams, along with the C-Suite, to tune and evolve our developer-aimed product messaging and positioning
  • Work closely with the enablement team to lead training sessions for our own Sales Engineers and Customer Success Managers (CSMs), partnering closely to gather feedback and iterate on messaging and positioning.

Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise

  • Capable of building tech demos and POCs and implementing virtual IT labs and product sandboxes, which show our product’s use cases in real-world scenarios and against the features of competitive products
  • Proficiency in coding and scripting languages and explaining technical concepts in an engaging yet technically accurate way
  • Experience developing technical content and understanding how it helps the audience better understand the product
  • Understanding of our organization’s market and competitive landscape
  • Proven track record in a technical role and engaging with technical audiences
  • Ability to work with the wider technical marketing team and in cross-functional teams to ensure campaign development milestones are on track and cascade issues with solutions to a higher level


Technical marketers are in high demand as it’s a growing market. As well as explaining what you’re looking for in a technical marketer, you also need to sell the job to encourage a high caliber of applicants. Here are some benefits you could include in all your technical marketing job descriptions:

  • Flexible approach to work
  • Access to innovative technology and new products and features
  • Opportunity to influence product development and provide input to product strategy and roadmaps
  • Ability to connect and engage with technical end-users and collaborate with cross-functional teams located across the world
  • Competitive base salary and a rewarding bonus scheme
  • Learning and development opportunities