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[PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT] Appsembler Dashboard

We’ve come a long way since we first launched Appsembler Tahoe. With Tahoe 1.0, we built a user interface that made deploying Open edX courses easier, faster, and more. But now we’re introducing a major update to Appsembler in the form of a unified dashboard. 

Appsembler Dashboard aims to unify our products — courses, user management, and virtual labs — under one roof while improving usability and creating a foundation to enhance our developer education and marketing platform. 

With Appsembler Dashboard, you’ll be able to handle all of the common elements — including authentication and user management — inside the platform. We’ve added a raft of new features and made several improvements, all of which will help our customers to create educational initiatives that will win the hearts and minds of developers and other technical audiences. 

Read on to find out more about Appsembler Dashboard. And at the end of this article, click the banner to request a demo of it in action.

Unified and SSO Access

With single sign-on (SSO) access, you can now use the same login details to access all of Appsembler’s products.

Centralized Analytics

Keeping track of course performance is crucial, so we’ve centralized our course analytics. Going forward, the new user interface will give administrators a unified view of who has enrolled in which courses, how many people have completed courses, monthly active users, and more. No need to view reports in separate windows.

Administrators now have a centralized view of key metrics such as: monthly active users (MAU), total users, total courses, course enrollments, and more.

Changelog and Site Versioning

Appsembler Dashboard now offers you the ability to track changes to your site branding and marketing site content. If someone makes a change, you can now see who did what and when. With this change log view, you always have a history of previous versions of your site, with the required details for effective collaboration.

Changes are tracked so admins can now see site content changes, who made them, and when.

Media Library

Media is now stored on a content delivery network. You can batch upload, edit, crop, and resize images on-the-fly. This also enables easier archiving, discovery, and searching of your site’s uploaded images.

The new Media Library has easier archiving, discovery, and search of your site’s uploaded images.
The new Media Library allows batch upload, edit, crop, and image resizing.

Improved User Management

One of the most important areas we worked on in Appsembler Dashboard was user management. As part of this upgrade, we are introducing preset user roles, which site administrators can assign depending on a user’s access requirements. With role-based access, user access can be assigned at the functionality and data level. For example, an analyst can access and modify analytics in the dashboard, but they can’t manage users, change site settings, or create courses. 

User Management now has preset user roles, which admins can assign depending on a user’s access requirements.
Admins now have a centralized page to manage user roles, block them from the site, create new users, reset their passwords, and other authentication/administration tasks.

In terms of user management and authentication, the Appsembler Dashboard lets you manage, block, and create new users, as well as reset passwords, and carry out other authentication and user administration tasks from a central location. Later this year, we’re introducing the ability to add custom user registration fields, which will make it easier to collect rich data about users and learners. 

More Custom Branding Capabilities

The dashboard lets you customize our new registration and login forms to match your brand guidelines.

Your university’s registration and login form is fully customizable to match your company’s brand guidelines and look and feel.

Free Trial

One of the most important things to note with this new release is a lot of behind-the-scenes work was needed to get to this point. But with all of that backend work, we’ll now be able to roll out new features faster and be more responsive to incoming user feature requests. But, for now, feel free get in touch to see the Appsembler Dashboard in action by clicking the banner below.

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