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[FEATURE RELEASE] Build Your Brand with Custom Domains

As we kick off 2018, Appsembler is excited to announce the release of our new (and highly anticipated) feature, custom domains. This update allows customers on Appsembler Tahoe Pro, our customer training software, to use their own domain names to build and deliver branded learning experiences that their learners, partners, and customers will love.

Build a Better Learning Experience 

Providing your learners with a branded URL to access your course content is one of the easiest ways to build your brand, engage learners, and develop a consistent user experience. Not to mention, having a custom domain can help boost your organization’s searchability on the internet, while providing a seamless way for learners to find, revisit, and share all of the great courses on your site.

With this update, Tahoe Pro customers can now easily update their URL from:




Now, each time a learner accesses your Tahoe site, the URL instantly greets and orients the visitor with your unique brand and learning experience.

Using Custom Domains 

There are a number of ways your brands can use a custom domain, along with some tips and tricks to help set your site apart from the crowd. Keep in mind, you should refrain from using “edX” in your domain name – this property is copyrighted and protected. Let’s take a spin through some custom domain examples, along with a little subdomain magic:

Domain: www.yoursite.com

Subdomain: learn.yoursite.com

Subdomain: teach.yoursite.com

Subdomain: grow.yoursite.com

If you already have a custom domain, a subdomain can be another great way to create a secondary website that doesn’t interfere with your existing site. Not familiar with subdomains? Click here for guidance from some of the industry’s best DNS experts.

Getting Started 

For Tahoe Pro Customers
Setting up a custom domain is quick and easy, just follow these simple setup instructions from our Help Center. But please bear in mind, because some changes must be made with your domain name provider, in most cases, Appsembler’s Customer Success team will only be able to walk you through necessary updates. If you find yourself in a pickle while following the setup instructions, we suggest contacting your IT administration to lend a hand with configuration.

For New Customers
To implement a custom domain for your learning portal, you’ll first need to be on our Tahoe Pro plan. Not familiar with Tahoe? Learn more by visiting us at appsembler.com/products/tahoe.

Are you currently using Tahoe Starter to deliver online trainings but want custom domains? No sweat. Just give us a quick shout and we’ll upgrade your account so you can build your brand with custom domains.