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Hello, Olá, Bonjour, Hola, こんにちは I18N!

Let’s say you’re looking to expand your training into Latin America. Or you’re doing business in Canada, where you’re required to offer content in English and French. You want to offer the same hands-on, high-impact courses that you’ve been building in English, but you don’t want to have to build and maintain an entirely separate site for each language.

Now you can offer a complete learning experience to learners in their own language.

Learner's view of the language selector

You’ve always been able to build and deliver courses in other languages. But now we’ve enhanced Tahoe, Appsembler’s customer training software (based on Open edX), so you can give learners the interface (menus, navigation) in their language and create language-specific versions of your non-course pages (about page, header, footer, terms of use, help pages, marketing pages, etc).

Page builder language selector
Adding a localized page

In the past, you could have accomplished this either by hacking your existing site (adding multiple translations to the text of each page) or by creating multiple, language-specific Tahoe sites (increased cost and management overhead for you). Now, you can have all of your learners on one Tahoe site.

Which languages does Tahoe support?

  • English
  • French (Canada fr_CA)
  • Japanese
  • Spanish (Latin America es_419)
  • Portuguese (Brazil pt_BR)

Will Tahoe auto-translate content?

Tahoe will automatically localize the interface (menus, navigation) into the learner’s selected language. You’ll still need to hire translators to translate your content (course content, non-course pages). You can use a tool like Google Translate, but in our experience–we’re a fully-distributed team with 7+ languages spoken–human translation still far surpasses machine translation. Some day the robots will catch up.

Does this mean you now support multi-lingual courses?

No – this hasn’t changed. If you’d like a course in three languages, you need three separate courses.

Learners can still browse your course catalog by language, so they find the right courses for them. And we are working to make this a even easier on the learner side – as you can see on our product roadmap, we’re developing Course Access Groups, which you could leverage to create language-specific course access groups.

Where can I read more?

Check out our guide to understanding internationalization and our knowledge base article on translating your Tahoe site.

We’re excited to announce this expansion to our online training software. For those of you on our Tahoe Pro and Premium tiers, we have made this feature available today. If you’re not, reach out to us to learn more!