Why Your Software Business Needs an Education Team - Appsembler


Harry Klein

Keynote Speaker

Kyle Banker

Sr. Director, Field Engineering

Areas We Will Cover

Building Education Teams


Kyle Banker

Sr. Director, Field Engineering

Kyle Banker, Sr. Director of Field Engineering at Redis, is an empathetic technology leader with expertise in databases, stream processing, distributed systems, developer experience, and software development.


We will take a deep dive into how Redis Labs is using education to achieve these strategic objectives. We’ll also get an inside view of how and why Redis Labs created their dedicated education team to take advantage of the opportunities offer by using education as marketing.

In this webinar we will learn:

  1. What an education team is and why it’s a good idea
  2. How an education team can benefit a software business
  3. How Redis Labs leverages its education team to grow awareness and adoption of its products and streamline the sales process
  4. How to build an education team from the ground up (people, specializations, reporting structure, processes)
  5. What an education team does and how to build a great one from people to process
  6. How an education team drives demonstrable business results and communicates ROI