8 Tips for Advanced Course Authoring in Open edX - Appsembler


Cesar Rufo

Keynote Speaker

Matthew Harrington

Customer Success Manager

Areas We Will Cover

Open edX Course Authoring


Matthew Harrington

Customer Success Manager

As part of Appsembler's Customer Success team, Matthew works remotely to engage and connect with customers, building strong relationships by providing guidance, support, and product expertise as our customers expand their use of our products - Open edX, Tahoe and Virtual Labs.


8 Tips for Advanced Open edX Course Authoring

So you’ve got your online learning site site up and running, and have already authored your first Open edX course

Are you ready to take your Open edX courses to the next level?

Open edX has many advanced features for delivering a richer learning experience. In this webinar, Open edX experts CSMs Cody Carson and Matthew Harrington will walk you through more of those features so you can deliver high-quality learning experiences that your learners will enjoy.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways of unleashing your technical and creative talent on your courses 
  • Administrative tips and tricks for running your courses smoothly 
  • Some of our favorite tools and XBlocks that you can use to engage your learners