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Louis Gudema

Keynote Speaker

Ned Batchelder

Senior edX Architect

Areas We Will Cover

Open edX XBlocks


Ned Batchelder

Senior edX Architect

Ned has decades of experience building solid software to solve real problems, using diverse technologies.


Ned Batchelder, senior edX architect, joined Appsembler CEO Nate Aune for a live webinar exploring the building block of Open edx: the XBlock. They discussed everything from what they are to what kinds are available and how to create them.

The webinar involved a general walkthrough by Nate, followed by a slightly more technical walkthrough from Ned, and ended with a Q&A session.

Nate and Ned’s slides are available for you to check out here:

Watch the full 29 minute video above, or scroll down to jump to specific parts of the video.

Table of Contents

  • Survey of XBlocks for Extending Open edX – 1:27
  • Open edX XBlock Technical Details – 9:49
  • Q&A
    • Are all of the publicly available XBlocks free or are some of them being charged for? – 17:26
    • Do XBlocks work in all successive releases? If you created one for Cypress, does it work in Dogwood and will they work forever? – 19:13
    • Is an XBlock basically like a plugin for WordPress? – 22:40
    • So right now, XBlocks are only used within the actual courseware? – 23:59
    • What are asides? – 24:34
    • What are the issues around the security of Xblocks? Who vets them? What about integration with authentications and so forth? – 26:27
    • Are XBlocks responsive? How do they relate to the mobile apps? – 27:52