Open edX Conference 2016 - Appsembler



Keynote Speaker

Nate Aune


Areas We Will Cover

2016 Open edX Conference


Nate Aune


Nate is the founder of Appsembler. As a leader, visionary and strategist, Nate plays a strong community role in the development of Open Source Software.


Last week we hosted a webinar where Appsembler Founder & CEO, Nate Aune, discussed the 2016 Open edX Conference, which took place in June at Stanford University. If you were unable to join us, this blog post is for you. We recorded the whole thing and you can watch it below.

In the first half Nate goes over many of the wonderful talks and presentations, and exciting new developments in the Open edX community, including…

  • Growth of the community
  • Creation of a corporate learning group
  • Advances in Open edX Insights Analytics
  • New features in the mobile apps
  • Looking forward to the Eucalyptus release, expected in August

In the second half we opened the virtual floor up to questions from people who were watching.

The slides are included below the video if you’d rather click through those instead of watching the video. And if you’re just more of a reader, you can check out this blog post Nate wrote, which wrapped up the conference in detail.