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Karl Hughes


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Developer Education Programs


Karl Hughes


Karl Hughes, CEO of, is a business founder and acquirer. His company has produced over 3000 blog posts and tutorials for some of the most well-known developer tools companies in the world.


Developer education is the process of using education (not marketing) to increase a product’s awareness and adoption in hard-to-reach audiences like software developers.

Some of the most valuable software companies grew alongside their developer communities (e.g. MongoDB, Redis, Snowflake) — but smaller tech companies, those in the Seed to Series C stages, are also joining the developer education movement.

In this on-demand webinar, “How Startups Build Lean Developer Education Programs,” we will deconstruct how startups apply the 80/20 rule to build lean but effective developer education programs. And we’ll answer the question many startups want to ask: which 20% of developer education activities generate 80% of the results?

Key Takeaways from How Startups Build Lean Developer Education Programs:

  1. The way software is purchased has changed, from top-down to bottom-up. And today, 1/3rd of deals are lost as a direct result of developer influence.
  2. Startups are investing in developer education to improve SEO for their products, generate leads, accelerate product adoption, reduce customer support costs, and expand the pool of potential buyers.
  3. The highest-ROI for startups is to build technical content that focused on a developer’s evaluation, engagement, and purchase stages.
  4. What are the 20% of activities that drive 80% of developer education’s results? Nate and Karl discuss this in the recording, starting at the 28:00 timestamp and with a summary at the 37:00 timestamp.