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Miguel Palma

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Ryan Peden

Content Expert & Author

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Developer Education


Ryan Peden

Content Expert & Author

Ryan Peden, Content Expert & Author at ContentLab, writes technical articles for on topics including Python, JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue.


Co-hosted by Appsembler and ContentLab, “Developer Education on the Front Lines” was a live and exclusive webinar for developer marketers, developer advocates, and product marketers.

Participants learned:

  1. Why companies like Snowflake, Dremio, Chef Software, and Redis are building developer education programs,
  2. The frameworks and steps to build a scalable developer education experience,
  3. Common outcomes of successful developer education, and
  4. A discussion on the future of developer education.

The focus was the practical and how-to — very little top-down jargon — on how software companies are building a developer education experience. Watch the replay now!

Key Takeaways from Developer Education on the Front Lines:

  1. The developer population is growing, expected to reach 45 million worldwide by 2030. “Accidental technologists” and a younger generation entering the workforce are driving this growth. This younger generation is better equipped and more comfortable with technology, so the transition (or decision) to pursue software development as a profession is easier.
  2. Developers are playing a significant role in the software purchasing process, either as the final decision maker or as a kingmaker. Research also shows that one-third of sales opportunities are lost because of the developer veto.
  3. MongoDB, Stripe, and Twilio have all been successful because they invested in developer education and are doing everything possible to make developers successful. Stripe in particular has created an outstanding developer experience with great documentation, tutorials, and sandboxes and won the hearts and minds of developers.
  4. Prioritizing developer education, targeting the right audience through buyer persona and audience segmentation, and harnessing data to improve the learning experience are three ways to get developers to recommend your product over a competitor. The presenters also shared more examples of what companies like Redis are doing to maximize developer education ROI, including hands-on labs.
  5. This webinar was hosted by Appsembler in partnership with ContentLab. It featured Content Expert and Author at ContentLab, Ryan Peden and the CEO of Appsembler, Nate Aune.