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Nate Aune


Nate is the founder of Appsembler. As a leader, visionary and strategist, Nate plays a strong community role in the development of Open Source Software.


This past week Appsembler hosted our second “Ask Nate Anything” webinar in which we invited anyone who wanted to learn more about the Open edX learning platform to ask anything of our CEO and edX expert (edXpert for short), Nate Aune. Once again, people all over the world submitted lots of questions. We couldn’t get to all of them, but Nate addressed many. Here is the video of the session. Scroll down to see the list of questions asked, with links to jump right to Nate’s corresponding response.

Questions asked:

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You can download the case studies that are mentioned in the video here.

Here are some of the links of some things we mention in the video.