Course Building 101: 5 Steps of Rapid Course Development - Appsembler


Harry Klein

Keynote Speaker

John Swope

Open edX Specialist

Areas We Will Cover

Course Development


John Swope

Open edX Specialist

John Swope is a digital learning specialist based in New Hampshire who has been working with Open EdX since 2014. He works closely with St. George’s University, the City of New York, FreshDirect and others building their online learning courses and strategies. His articles have been published in EdTech Magazine & MOOC News & Review. Outside of work, John likes to golf and run (still working on a way to do those simultaneously). He co-hosts a podcast about funny, gritty small business stories at


Instructional Design Principles for Rapid Course Development

Are you thinking of building your first online course? Are you looking to improve on your hundredth online course? Want to teach your team what online course development is all about?

This webinar lays out a roadmap for effective course development that can be applied to many different sizes and types of projects. Learn about the five steps of course development, and use specific inputs and outputs to track your progress on each step.

This webinar will focus on the “how” and “why”. It will spend some time going into tool ideas and examples, but the focus will largely be on the process of working in teams to build online courses. At the end, you’ll receive some templates and accelerators to help you implement the “rapid course development” process for your next online course!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Use a modified ADDIE model to organize your development and improve your courses with each iteration
  • Receive free templates and accelerators to speed up your course development process by 50%
  • Use Backwards Planning to improve student outcomes
  • Make the course development process work for any size team