The 2023 State of Developer Marketing - Appsembler


Miguel Palma

Keynote Speaker

Gary Gonzalez

Managing Partner

Areas We Will Cover

Developer Marketing Programs


Gary Gonzalez

Managing Partner

Gary Gonzalez, the Managing Partner at Catchy Agency, is a global keynote speaker focused on the intersection of technology and audience behavior.


The 2023 State of Developer Marketing Webinar is a 1-hour live webinar aimed at decision-makers and practitioners of developer marketing, developer advocacy, and product marketing. If you’re looking for new ideas to drive product awareness with developers, partners, and technical customers or are looking for inspirations to define your next growth strategy — this webinar is a can’t miss event.

The webinar will focus on trends that Catchy Agency experienced while building developer marketing programs for the clients such as Amazon and Google, as well as other world’s leading technology platforms. We will also hear from Appsembler on how software companies like Chef Software, Redis, and Kong are all using education to drive product awareness and adoption within technical audiences. A 15-minute Q&A will also be held.