Deliver Hands-On Virtual Training Labs Effortlessly

Skip the IT headaches. Scale your software training and engage your learners with hands-on virtual software training labs.

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When it comes to learning new software and IT skills, nothing compares to real, hands-on training. With Appsembler's virtual training labs, you can offer your learners a hands-on, cloud-based lab environment of your software with the click of a button. 

Goodbye, IT headaches

Skip the IT or software setup. With Virtual Labs, all your learners need is a browser and internet connection. Instantly create and launch a curated lab environment for your learners - all with the click of a button.

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Keep Your Learners Engaged

Deliver immersive learning experiences and empower your learners to stay focused on learning objectives. Whether it's for developer training or end user training, your practice lab environments will integrate seamlessly with your courses.

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Scale Software Training On-Demand

Deliver virtual training lab environments to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Meet the needs of a growing training program with automatic scaling, hosting, versioning and back-ups.

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