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Recognize Your Learners’ Achievements with Branded Certificates

We’re introducing a new way for you to recognize your learners’ achievements by creating and customizing your own branded certificates, all from within Tahoe’s management console.

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Engaging learning experiences are dynamic, personal, and motivating – driving students to dig deep, exude grit and reach new learning heights. So when it comes to rewarding your learners, why settle for the traditional, rigid course certificate?

Our new feature, Certificates, brings all of your customization tools into one place – so you can easily build a branded (and beautiful) course certificate that’s optimized for viewing in both a print or web format.

Easily Configurable

Certificates are core to Open edX, but in their current state are not easily configurable nor customizable. With this newly released feature on Tahoe, you can now save time, clicks, and headaches by generating your branded certificate all from within Tahoe’s management console. Some key highlights include:

  • New layout selector to preview and publish certificates in both portrait and layout view
  • Point and click customizations including areas to update your company’s logo, font, and color scheme
  • Streamlined management of certificate look and feel for consistent delivery across learner courses
  • Simple configuration across all courses and easy editing of course titles and signatures within Studio

Essential Branding

With this enhancement, you now have an opportunity to easily showcase your company’s brand while building a consistent experience for your learners. Rather than wasting time manually creating certificates for each course through a web-based form, or soliciting help from developers and designers to customize look and feel, you can easily generate a uniquely branded certificate in just a few clicks.

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Enhanced Measurement

An important aspect of taking a course on Open edX is the ability to enroll in a “Certificate Track” for a course. When your learners successfully complete the curriculum, they’re issued a certificate of completion. With our new release, certificates will now be made available in HTML format allowing course authors to view and track verification URLs. This enhancement will streamline certificate generation, while allowing for increased engagement, reporting and course completion analysis.

Getting Started

Certificates is available out-of-the-box for all Tahoe customers. To find out how you can build Certificates into your courses using Tahoe, click here or take a product tour, today.


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